Why TomoTherapy

“Itís technology run circles around cancer and traditional forms of radiation therapy.”

TomoTherapy machine

The biggest advancement in cancer radiation treatment in over 50 years

Cancer research has advanced; why shouldnít the radiation systems used to treat your disease evolve as well? Introducing TomoTherapy, a medical marvel in radiation treatment that is breathing new life into how we fight cancer.

TomoTherapy machine

A greater potential for cure

While conventional radiation therapy machines have been adapted and readapted to keep up with advances in the field, the TomoTherapy HI-ART treatment system was designed with fresh thinking and benefits that no other machine can match. With TomoTherapy, cancer cells are targeted and destroyed with unprecedented precision and minimum side effects.

Doctors looking at images on computer

Image-Guided Radiotherapy

TomoTherapy gives us the unique ability to adapt your treatment plan before each day's treatment. It allows us to use daily CT imaging to guide treatment based on what the patientís anatomy looks like today, rather than last week or last month. And because the treatment is delivered from all angles, we can customize the delivery with minimum radiation exposure to healthy tissue.