“It was so painless I didn't even feel like I was being treated.”
— Andrew Fenning

Andrew Fenning

Andrew Fenning

While preparing to move from Greenwich to London for an executive position, I learned that my prostate-specific antigen proteins were elevated (a very common indicator of cancer.) When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, doctors told me I was extremely lucky that the cancer was detected so early and that my best option would be to have my prostate surgically removed. They said at my age there was a 25 % risk of post-surgical incontinence and impotence, which was way too much risk for me.

After conducting my own research, I was eventually referred to Dr. Daniel E. Fass at the Institute for Image-Guided RadioTherapy. We discussed a couple of treatment options, but I thought TomoTherapy sounded like the best way to go. In February, I underwent 45 sessions spread over nine weeks. It was so painless I didn’t even feel like I was being treated. During the course of the treatment, I had no symptoms and hardly any side effects. I was able to continue running, biking, swimming and golfing. I even cut a few strokes off my game.


“A big thank you note to Dr. Fass and his staff who made my treatment so easy and comfortable.”
— John M.

John M.

A thank you note to you and your staff who made my 9 weeks of treatment so easy and comfortable. Beginning with Genevieve who explained what to expect, what would happen and what would not happen. Bernadette made my day when she said my medical plans would cover all costs and when I did get a bill she took care of it, no trouble. Ever friendly, ever helpful, Angela, keeps the front office running smoothly, the Maitre’D who let me know when my “table is ready”. I cannot say enough about the very efficient Sean, Danielle, and Rashmee for making my treatment easy, and relaxed they answered all my, (almost daily), questions, and above all put up with my kidding and teasing in a very professional manner. They are the best. And finally “Tuesdays with Dr. Moore” she patiently put me at ease, explained some of the reaction I was having and kept track of my progress. I close with a big thanks for making my daily visits a pleasure.

– John M.

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